The purpose of this blog is to share with the reader the authors experiences and insights in developing and implementing regional and local land use, transportation and development.

I, Joseph E. Petrillo, am the author of this blog under the preudonym of Trenz Pruca which I have used for other blogs I have opened on WordPress and do not yet know how to change for this endevor.

I have a broad background in regional planning, policy and implementation. Among my accomplishments are:

Author of the Government, Powers and Funding and several other elements of California’s monumental Coastal Plan.

First Chief Counsel to the California Coastal Commission. Among my responsibility was to manage the regulation through a permit and appeal process throughout the over 1500 mile California Coastal Zone.

Served as Chief Consultant to the California Senate Select Committee on Land Use Management Organizations. In this position I was responsible for successfully guiding the California Coastal Act of 1976 through the California Legislature. During my tenure I also shepherded through the legislature a major revision of California’s Environmental Impact Report law as well as California’s Victims of Crime legislation. I was also involved in California’s water policy and the states parks policy and funding.

I served as the first Executive Officer of the California State Coastal Conservancy, perhaps the nations most innovative land use management entity. During my tenure I oversaw the environmental planning of almost every city along the California Coast, rebuilt most of California’s decaying recreational piers, initiated the use of treated wastewater to restore coastal wetlands, redeveloped coastal subdivisions to reduce or eliminate negative impacts on coastal resources, developed the protocols and initiated the process of restoring coastal wetlands, constructed and opened new access for the public to the states beaches and many more innovations. As a result of the success along the coast of the Coastal Conservancy, the State Legislature created Conservancies at Lake Tahoe, the Santa Monica Mountains and several other areas.

I became a member then Chairman of California’s High Speed Rail Authority, guiding it through to the successful completion of its Plan and Environmental Impact Report during my tenure.

As a private attorney and partner in some of the worlds largest law firms I managed their global land use, environment and real estate practice areas.

Some of the entries will be commentaries others will be history. Some will be serious some hopefully humorous, perhaps even snarky.

I hope you enjoy it.